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Even Vector Spacing

Even Vector Spacing in Tecplot 360

This video will demonstrate how to use Even Vector Spacing in Tecplot 360.

  1. Update Your Software to Tecplot 360 2020 R1 or newer. Get a Free Trial or Update your Licensed Software.
  2. The layout and dataset can be found in the Getting Started Bundle for Tecplot 360.
  3. Open the Ocean3 layout file in the Ocean\finallayouts folder.

Notice that the vectors are too dense in the rivers and inlets. We can thin these out using Even Vector Spacing.

Open the Vector Details dialog. Toggle on Use even vector spacing and Tecplot 360 will attempt to pick good default values for the vector spacing. Clicking Reset Spacing will force this attempt at picking values, dependent on the current scale of the plot. For this plot we want to increase the distribution of the vectors, so we will set the spacing to 0.003, 0.003, 1.

If you’re unsure what values to enter in this dialog, try the Measure Distance tool under the Tools menu to determine a good distance between vectors.

Notice that the spacing has been reduced in the rivers and inlets and it’s now easier to see the direction and magnitude of the vectors.

We can use attributes such as Vector Head Style, Uniform vector length, and Vector Arrowhead settings to further refine the view of the plot.

You may notice that the vectors are still not perfectly evenly spaced. Toggle on the Mesh to shows this more clearly. This is because Tecplot 360 is using the actual grid for vector locations and selectively removing vectors where the grid is too dense to approximately enforce the display intervals specified in the spacing controls. The advantage is that Tecplot 360 does not perform any interpolation of the data to generate the vectors, improving performance and accuracy of results.

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