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Tecplot Europe Solutions for CFD Visualization

The Tecplot Europe engineering team specializes in custom solutions in the field of numerical simulation, especially CFD. For the past 25 years, they have been building long-term partnerships by understanding customers’ unique problems and delivering easy-to-implement solutions.  

Tecplot Europe (also known as Genias Graphics) provides Tecplot sales and support to the European and Western Asian markets.

On any given day, team members may be working on optimizing the output of a customer’s in-house solver, automating customer workflows with Python scripts, or extending the capability of Tecplot 360 with addons.

Implementing complex technical requirements in a tailor-made way for each and every customer is our most important task.
–Lothar Lippert, Tecplot Europe Manager.

Tecplot Output for Your In-House Solver – Optimizing Performance

Many customers are working on their own in-house codes and solvers. These solvers use different grid sizes, may have unsteady simulations, and use various mesh types – some of which may have meshes that change over time. The Tecplot 360 suite of tools can handle all of that with ease.

The key to optimal performance is a good output file. Tecplot Europe engineers are experts at optimizing a solver’s output to achieve the best possible performance and optimal user experience. Small changes to an output file often result in 10 times better performance, and it may take just a few minutes to change.

Automation with Python and Macros – Optimizing Your Time

Repetitive tasks and generating reports can eat up a lot of time. Automating these routine tasks is a tremendous time savings (as well as a relief from doing mundane tasks). Virtually every day, we help customers automate their workflows with Python and Macros scripts.

Often customers do not know what is possible, and what can be accomplished with macros and Python scripts. We can share and explain sample code and provide ready-to-use scripts and macros, which are also easy for customers to maintain and extend.

Tecplot Europe has several scripts, available on demand. For example, a user wanted to automate the creation of a plot of forces and moments vs span on a wing, together with a visualization of Cp plots along the 3D-view of the geometry. The Python script is available in our Tecplot’s GitHub repository.

Tecplot Europe Add-On Development

Tecplot 360 is known as the most complete post-processing desktop solution for CFD visualization. However, some of our customers have very challenging requirements, which can be solved only by developing additional functionality. Tecplot 360 is extendable with add-ons. The additional capability is wide ranging, from developing data loaders for special file formats, connecting to Web Map Services, or connecting to larger database applications like a dedicated tool to compare wind tunnel data with CFD results.

Optimization with High-Quality Tools – A Case Study

In a recent case, Tecplot Europe engineers helped DLR use Tecplot 360 to optimize the tail strake position of a generic transport aircraft. Optimization with high-quality tools found the best position. Visualization with Tecplot 360 was crucial in helping understand the effects of each tail strake position.

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Tecplot Europe can Help You Optimize Your Workflows

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