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Improved Performance and Resource Management in Tecplot 360 2021 R2

Improved Performance, Flexibility, and Resource Management in Tecplot 360 2021 Release 2

BELLEVUE, WA (October 21, 2021) – Tecplot, Inc. has announced the general availability of Tecplot 360 2021 Release 2.

Tecplot 360 is the leading independent CFD post-processor on the market today. Our 2021 R2 release reaffirms our commitment to providing the best technical data visualization and analysis software available by providing quality of life improvements, performance enhancements, and new ways to manipulate your data and plots.

“The improvements in this release add up to ease-of-use and a big timesaving for our customers.” says Scott Fowler, Tecplot 360 Product Manager.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Labelling a plot is more flexible with the ability for users to edit the contour legend header without editing the variable names. This update supports the inclusion of auxiliary data and other text modifiers supported by Tecplot 360.
  • Users can now opt to show zones only at specified solution time, which ensures the correct zones are displayed.
  • Support for logarithmic time scales has been added to correctly cluster solution time steps.
  • Divide-by-zero errors can be ignored with a simple toggle during analysis.

Performance Improvements:

  • Temporary disk storage usage has been reduced by 99.6%! This reduction has resulted in up to a 20% performance improvement when creating movies with transient data.
  • Initializing contour levels for transient datasets with many zones consistently showed up to a 23.8x speedup over previous versions.

Loader Improvements:

  • The Fluent CFF (HDF5) loader is supported on CentOS and RedHat7 and includes face-neighbor connections.
  • The Plot3D loader treats function files as transient if they appear to have a time value in the file name.

Details of this release are on the here.

Download Tecplot 360

This new release is available for download as Free Trial Software, or for customers through the Customer Portal.

About Tecplot 360

Tecplot 360 is a suite of CFD visualization and analysis tools that can handle large data sets, automate workflows, and visualize parametric results. Three powerful modules in this one tool include:

  • Tecplot Chorus – an analytics tool for exploring large datasets composed of multiple solutions or experiments.
  • SZL Server – a client-server module for accessing data remotely.
  • PyTecplot – a Python API for automating workflows.

Integrated XY, 2D and 3D plotting speeds data analysis and increases productivity. Easy-to-use, fast and memory efficient, Tecplot 360 produces visually powerful output to help engineers and scientists communicate CFD, other simulation and test data results to clients and stakeholders.

The Tecplot 360 suite of tools are available for customers on TecPLUS maintenance service and anyone who downloads a free trial of the software.

Special pricing is available for Academic users upon request, see Tecplot for Academics.

About Tecplot, Inc.

Tecplot, an operating company of Toronto-based Constellation Software, Inc. (CSI), is the leading independent developer of visualization and analysis software for engineers and scientists. CSI is a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:CSU). CSI acquires, manages, and builds software businesses that provide mission-critical solutions in specific vertical markets.

Tecplot visualization and analysis software allows customers using desktop computers and laptops to quickly analyze and understand (local or remote) information hidden in complex data and communicate their results to others via professional images and animations. The company’s products are used by more than 47,000 technical professionals around the world.


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Marketing Manager, Tecplot

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