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Tecplot Academic Suite – One Suite to School Them All


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This suite of tools includes 360, RS, and FieldView.

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What is the Tecplot Academic Suite?

It’s a collection of Tecplot’s (that’s us) most powerful data analysis & visualization tools, bundled together and heavily discounted to make access for students & university staff as easy as possible. Virtually any STEM discipline can find a useful application, whether it’s the College of Engineering (aerospace, mechanical, petroleum, electrical, computer, etc…), College of Arts and Sciences (ecology, geosciences, physics, etc…), School of Medicine (pharmacology, physiology, virology, etc…), or dozens of other fields of study.

The tools in the Tecplot Academic Suite include: 360, FieldView, and RS. You can read about each of these tools on our website in greater detail, but let’s start with a high-level overview.

360 – Multi-Purpose Post-Processing

Tecplot 360 is a powerful multi-purpose post-processing tool. It can read dozens of external file types and comes equipped with a comprehensive python API that makes importing & manipulating custom data types straightforward. Users can visualize their data in 3D, and use dozens of built-in functions to extract, analyze, and visualize essential elements of the larger dataset. 360 has incredibly flexible plotting capabilities that makes designing custom images for reports and papers a cinch. Whether you’re looking at simulation results, experimental data, or a combination of both – 360 can dramatically reduce the time to insight over other tools like Python, Excel, or Matlab.

FieldView – Premium CFD Post-Processing

FieldView is Tecplot Inc.’s premium CFD post-processor. It shares many basic functionalities with 360 but takes things a step further with features like material rendering for creating stunning visuals, MPI parallelism for performance with large datasets, and client-server architecture to enable sophisticated HPC and cloud-based workflows. Students and faculty who are studying fluid-flow phenomenon will love the power and style of FieldView.

RS – Reservoir Simulation Visualization

RS is more niche, but for future petroleum engineers, its capabilities are indispensable. RS is a post-processing tool dedicated to visualizing, understanding, and sharing insights about underground reservoirs. RS has built-in statistical analysis tools that makes common tasks like integrating the total oil in place simple. Students who are targeting a career as a reservoir engineer will enter the workforce equipped with valuable experience as RS is used at several of the largest Oil & Gas companies in the world.

Tecplot Academic Suite

Students all over the globe have put the tools in the Tecplot Academic Suite to effective use, and their innovative uses for the tools never cease to amaze us. From self-sustaining greenhouses and water quality studies to solar car designs and additive manufacturing, students across the globe have used Tecplot software in so many exciting ways. Check out our academic case studies.

As we have said before, the power of these tools does not stop in the classroom. Tecplot software is prevalent in major organizations throughout Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Energy, Geoscience, Oil & Gas, Medicine, and more. Whether designing spacecraft, modeling the interaction between surface & groundwater, or studying internal combustion engines – Tecplot software has done it all.

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To find out if your university has Tecplot licenses that you can use – please contact your IT department or reach out to our sales team at sales@tecplot.com. If you don’t have access at all, apply for our academic pricing.