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Webinar: New in Tecplot 360 2022 R1

In this webinar you’ll learn what’s new in Tecplot 360 2022 R1 as well as important platform and Python version support changes.  We will also introduce our Higher-Order Element Technology Preview, which is available as a separate download.  See how Tecplot, Inc. is helping usher in the future of CFD by supporting higher-order elements.

Highlights of the 360 Release

  • LaTeX support in Contour Legends
  • TecIO performance improvements
  • Data Loader updates
    • Ansys Fluent 2022 Common Fluids Format (HDF5) support
    • Abaqus 2022 (.odb files)
    • HDF5 loader performance (nearly 10x faster!)
    • EnSight loader updates
  • Platform updates
    • CentOS 8 is no longer supported
    • PyTecplot 1.5.0 released. Python 3.7 or greater is a hard requirement.  Note that we officially support the latest Python release and the two previous (currently 3.8, 3.9, 3.10)

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Higher-Order Element Support

The Higher-Order Element Technology Preview is available as a separate download. Log in to MyTecplot and check it out!

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