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Faster CFD Post Processing with TecIO and FEMixed Zones

See how Tecplot is helping CFD code developers write less data to disk, reducing the storage demands on HPC systems. Tecplot’s TecIO library is free and enables CFD codes to write directly to binary. This webinar will show you how to write Tecplot 360’s new FEMixed zone type, which has been shown to reduce data file size by up to 65% and lead to faster post-processing. The FEMixed zone type also enables direct export of high order elements!

FEMixed Zone Type


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:26 Agenda
  • 0:56 Benefits of Exporting Tecplot Binary Files
  • 2:00 FEMixed Zone Type
  • 8:31 New TecIO API’s to Export FEMixed Zones
  • 21:49 High Order Elements in Tecplot 360
  • 23:20 Resources and Questions

Learn more about TecIO! 

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