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NASA’s VULCAN Code Uses TecIO-MPI to Write SZL Data

In this webinar, you will hear from Dr. Robert Baurle, Research Scientist at NASA Langley Research Center, about his experience implementing the TecIO-MPI library in the VULCAN code.

Main Topics for Discussion

  • SZL technology and 3 primary methods of creating SZL files.
  • Natural and primary uses of the VULCAN code.
  • How Dr. Baurle implemented the TecIO-MPI library in VULCAN.
  • Performance gains when writing SZL data files in parallel using TecIO-MPI from VULCAN.

Visit the TecIO Library

VULCAN is a turbulent, non-equilibrium, finite-rate chemical kinetics, Navier-Stokes flow solver for structured, cell-centered, multi-block grids that is maintained and distributed by the Hypersonic Air Breathing Propulsion Branch of the NASA Langley Research Center.

SZL is a technology in Tecplot 360 EX for efficiently visualizing very large data sets. It is based on a new indexed data file, *.szplt, that allows Tecplot to load only the portion of the data needed for the desired visualization – improving the performance and reducing memory usage. SZL technology accelerates the writing of data files from MPI-based parallel CFD codes running on HPC systems.

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