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Learning Tecplot 360 Just Got Easier! 

Tecplot 360 Basics Certification

Earning your Tecplot 360 Certification helps build engineering skills and shows your knowledge of this popular visualization and analysis tool. Listing your certification on your resume, CV and LinkedIn profile can help future employers match your skills to their job requirements.

To earn your certification, use a Tecplot 360 free trial, or upgrade your licensed software to the latest version. We recommend using the newest version of Tecplot 360.

The training materials include:

  • A video that walks you step-by-step through each skill you need to learn. You can watch the video on YouTube or download the MP4 to watch offline.
  • A training manual in PDF format has the instructions from the video if you prefer to follow a written guide.
  • The datasets used in the Video and Manual to follow along. You are welcome to use your own datasets if you prefer.

Click the button below for all instructions and materials you need to get certified.

Tecplot 360 Basics Certification

The training covers Tecplot 360 Basics:

  • Compatible Tecplot 360 data formats
  • Loading data
  • Working with zones
  • Slices and streamtraces
  • Pages and frames
  • Plot types
  • Derived objects and calculations
  • Image formats, animations and exporting. 

Once you complete the test and upload your plot, we will review your work and send you your Certificate! Note that certification is given at the sole discretion of Tecplot, Inc. and is based on evaluation of your submitted answers and plot.


More Ways to Learn Tecplot 360

Are you already Tecplot 360 Certified and looking to learn more advanced topics? Here are more ways to learn Tecplot 360.

Tecplot 360 Getting Started Guide

A complete set of documentation is included with your Tecplot 360 installation, and links can also be found on our website Documentation. Four tutorials that get progressively more advanced are in our Getting Started Manual. The tutorials include:

  1. External Flow – Using the Onera M6 wing model, this tutorial covers loading the data, producing a basic plot, slicing, streamtraces, isosurfaces, probing, and comparing simulated and experimental data (including normalizing the data).
  2. Understanding Volume Surfaces – The DuctFlow dataset is used in this tutorial as an example of how Tecplot 360 renders volume surfaces using Surfaces to Plot.
  3. Transient Data – A wind turbine dataset with 127 time steps helps you understand how transient (time-based) data is structured and how to produce animated contour plots, extract data over time for analysis, and calculate and visualize additional variables using the Tecplot 360 analysis tools.
  4. Finite Element Analysis – A transient FEA dataset of a connecting rod created with LSDYNA is used in this tutorial.

Datasets used in these examples are included with your installation of Tecplot 360, or they can be found in our Getting Started Bundle.

Getting Started Manual

Video Tutorials

Over the past few years, we have built up an extensive Video Library – 82 videos to date! Topics range from loading data to working with transient data, and everything in between. The videos are sorted by most current first, but there is a long list of categories to help you find the topic most interesting to you. Many of the videos have been transcribed if you prefer reading the tutorial as you work.

Tecplot 360 Video Library

Written Tutorials

Speaking of learners who prefer reading to watching videos, the Tecplot Blog contains a number of tutorials. The blog tutorials are in the “Tecplot Tip” category.

Browse our Tecplot Tips

Free Tecplot 360 Training

We offer one hour of free online training when you purchase a Tecplot 360 license, or when you download a Tecplot 360 Free Trial. The training can be tailored to meet your specific workflows, or we can walk you through the standard training modules – answering your specific questions along the way.

Download a Free Trial

Group Training – Onsite or Online

Last but not least, companies have found it very helpful to get all their engineers and scientists up-to-speed quickly on Tecplot 360. We can address your specific business challenges and cover designated topics. You provide the facilities and computers, we provide the expert instructor and in-depth materials. To find out more, please email at support@tecplot.com or use the Contact Form.

For Tecplotters in Europe and Western Asia, our Tecplot Europe office holds Tecplot User Days for beginning through advanced users. These training sessions are free of charge! The schedule and registration forms are up on our Tecplot Europe Training page.

Tecplot Europe Training