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Creating Tecplot Format Files From MATLAB® Data

Often, the hardest challenge to any project is getting your data into the correct file format and program. This script exemplifies how to create Tecplot format files from MATLAB® data imported from simple text files. Included in the file are resources and links to where to find more information.

For this example, open source data from the University of Washington aeronautics senior design wind tunnel test was used as sample input data. The script then writes the data into two different Tecplot file formats, ASCII/.dat and binary/.plt. In addition, it creates a basic macro to load and save plots as .png images.

MATLAB® Data to Tecplot Files

  • Windtunnel2010.m – Main MATLAB® script.
  • Mat2tecplot.m – Tecplot binary writer, written by Wen Long
  • 2010wind_example.dat – Tecplot ASCII file format input file
  • 2010wind_example.plt – Tecplot Binary file format input file
  • 2010wind_exapme.mcr – Example macro loader for Tecplot.
    (Must change folder name in file to successfully run.)
  • Cdcl_example.png – resulting plot for macro loader and data files.
  • UW_wind_runs – file no longer available.

Download the MATLAB® to Tecplot Files

Additional Resources on Tecplot File Format

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