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Tecplot 360 helps advance design of biotelemetry tags for dolphins

Researchers use Tecplot 360 and CFD to Determine Feasibility of Hydrodynamically-attached Biotelemetry Tags We share a world inhabited by billions of fascinating creatures, few of which receive as much attention and universal affection as the dolphin. As magnificent, playful swimmers, they can propel themselves at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour through a watery world that is very different from our own. There is much these intelligent animals […]

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Continuum-Dynamics, Inc. Uses Tecplot 360 to Develop First Commercial Ship Air Wake Database for U.S. Navy Helicopter Flight Simulators

Addition of Disturbance Field Creates More Realistic Piloted Simulation Environment for Increased Safety and Lower Training Costs Flying a helicopter has often been compared to balancing on one foot while standing on a beach ball—and that’s just over land. Now imagine balancing on a beach ball that’s on a funhouse floor in the middle of a nor’easter. That’s what a landing at sea can be like. The pilot must put […]

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CFD Visualization Helps Protect Integrity of Buildings, Bridges, and Ships

November 2010 When Adam Hapij, senior associate at the structural engineering firm Weidlinger Associates, recently visited his son’s kindergarten class, he tried to explain what he does in a way a 5-year-old could comprehend. In the end, he simply said, “I protect people.” Indeed, at its very core, Hapij’s job is to protect people. Since Weidlinger opened for business more than half a century ago, the company has designed all […]

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